On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 10:34 PM, Ed Hutchins <e...@demeterr.com> wrote:
> On the other hand
> trying to figure
> out the history of events from a large directed graph of commits
> without any clue about
> what topics first spawned each commit is actively harmful in many
> cases (trying to display
> a clear history of who did what for what reasons, for example).

I think this is exactly what Junio does with git.git:
- Each branch is named "$initials/$topicname" before being merged.
- Branches are always merged with --no-ff.

I think it answers your question: Who (initials) does what (topic)
The name of the branch is also stuck as part of the history as the
merge reads the name of the merged branch:

e.g. Merge branch 'rr/remote-branch-config-refresh'

You can of course provide more information than the simple commit
header line (that would give the "what reasons").

Of course, it's even easier to read if you always merge in the same
direction (that allows you to easily find the first commit of the

Hope that helps,
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