I lost a previously untracked file that I added to the index in the
middle of a git rebase --interactive session after a git rebase --abort.
This was unexpected.

    $ ls forgotten_file
    $ git rebase --interactive HEAD~3 
      [change first rebase command from pick to  edit]
    $ git add forgotten_file
    $ git rebase --abort
    $ ls forgotten_file
    ls: cannot access forgotten_file: No such file or directory

I was (of course) able to find the SHA-1 of the dangling blob using 'git
fsck', and then retrieve the file using 'git cat-file -p SHA1'

Should this behaviour be considered a bug?  That is, should the contents
of the working directory (including untracked files) before the git
rebase invocation be returned (as if preserved by a git stash

If we don't expect this, should we update the documentation for the
--abort heading in the git rebase man page to indicate that newly
staged content will be lost after a git rebase --abort?

This is for git version 1.8.3


Paul A. Kennedy
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