Paul A. Kennedy wrote:

> If we don't expect this, should we update the documentation for the
> --abort heading in the git rebase man page to indicate that newly
> staged content will be lost after a git rebase --abort?

How about something along these lines?

diff --git i/Documentation/git-rebase.txt w/Documentation/git-rebase.txt
index 6b2e1c8..dcae40d 100644
--- i/Documentation/git-rebase.txt
+++ w/Documentation/git-rebase.txt
@@ -240,6 +240,9 @@ leave out at most one of A and B, in which case it defaults 
to HEAD.
        started, then HEAD will be reset to <branch>. Otherwise HEAD
        will be reset to where it was when the rebase operation was
+This discards any changes to files tracked in the working tree or <branch>.
+You may want to stash your changes first (see linkgit:git-stash[1]).
        Keep the commits that do not change anything from its
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