Here is a script to display the entries I was referring to:

git shortlog -sne |awk '{ NF--; $1=""; print }' |sort |uniq -d > mailmapdoubles

while read line ; do
        # remove leading whitespace
        trimmed=$(echo $line | sed -e 's/^ *//g' -e 's/ *$//g')
        echo "git shortlog -sne | grep \""$trimmed"\""
done < mailmapdoubles > mailmapdoubles2

sh mailmapdoubles2
rm mailmapdoubles
rm mailmapdoubles2

On 07/04/2013 04:04 PM, Stefan Beller wrote:
> Hello,
> I noticed many duplicates in email addresses but having the same name by
> running:
>     # Finding out duplicates by comparing names:
>     git shortlog -sne |awk '{ NF--; $1=""; print }' |sort |uniq -d
> Most of these entries are most probably the same person, but we cannot be 
> sure, as there might be different persons having the same name, then they
> are only distinguished by the mail address.
> However I suspect most of these to be the same person, having changed 
> mail addresses.
> Here comes an initial batch of corrections to the mailmap file, which
> maps people with email addresses of different capitalization onto
> the same entity.
> (Example is the same as
> I intend to contact each of the persons individually and ask whether 
> just their mail address changed, or if they are indeed different persons.
> Stefan Beller
> Stefan Beller (6):
>   .mailmap: Multiple email addresses of Alejandro R. SedeƱo
>   .mailmap: Multiple mail addresses of Alex Riesen
>   .mailmap: Multiple mail addresses of Paul Mackerras
>   .mailmap: Multiple mail addresses of Keith Cascio
>   .mailmap: Multiple mail addresses of Johannes Schindelin
>   .mailmap: Multiple mail addresses of Toby Allsopp
>  .mailmap | 9 +++++++++
>  1 file changed, 9 insertions(+)

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