Stefan Beller <> writes:
> I noticed many duplicates in email addresses but having the same name by
> running:
>     # Finding out duplicates by comparing names:
>     git shortlog -sne |awk '{ NF--; $1=""; print }' |sort |uniq -d
> Most of these entries are most probably the same person, but we cannot be 
> sure, as there might be different persons having the same name, then they
> are only distinguished by the mail address.
> However I suspect most of these to be the same person, having changed 
> mail addresses.
> Here comes an initial batch of corrections to the mailmap file, which
> maps people with email addresses of different capitalization onto
> the same entity.
> (Example is the same as
> I intend to contact each of the persons individually and ask whether 
> just their mail address changed, or if they are indeed different persons.

Has anything happen to this topic sice you posted?

I think:

 - .(none) is obviously bad, and we can fix without waiting for
   responses as long as we know the replacement address is the
   address from the list we usually see on the list (3).

 - Domain part is defined to be case insensitive (e.g. vs
   @MIT.EDU), so both forms are equally valid.  The owner of the
   address may have preferences (1 and 4), though.

   For this, we could just declare we downcase the domain part.

 - The local-part, even though RFC 2821 says "local-part of a
   mailbox MUST BE treated as case sensitive", is often case
   insensitive, and User.Name@domain and often name
   the same mailbox.  The owner of the address may have preferences
   (5 and 6), though.

   For this, we could just declare we Camel.Case the local part,
   after making sure Camel.Case@domain has been used by the owner of
   the address on this list.

So where does that leave us?

We can apply without waiting:

  1: downcase domain
  3: .(none) and we know
  4: downcase domain
  5: We recently saw Dshco calls himself <Johannes.Schindelin@domain>.
  6: The latest one from Nov 2009 uses <Toby.Allsopp@domain>.

The only possibly iffy one is Alex Riesen, but <raa.lkml@domain>
seems to be the one he uses here, so I think 2. is also fine.
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