On Fri, Jul 05, 2013 at 03:48:31PM +0530, Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> Due to a recent change in the Net::SMTP::SSL module, send-email emits
> the following ugly warning everytime a email is sent via SSL:
> *******************************************************************
>  Using the default of SSL_verify_mode of SSL_VERIFY_NONE for client
>  is deprecated! Please set SSL_verify_mode to SSL_VERIFY_PEER
>  together with SSL_ca_file|SSL_ca_path for verification.
>  If you really don't want to verify the certificate and keep the
>  connection open to Man-In-The-Middle attacks please set
>  SSL_verify_mode explicitly to SSL_VERIFY_NONE in your application.
> *******************************************************************
> Fix this by explicitly specifying SSL_verify_mode => SSL_VERIFY_NONE in
> Net::SMTP::SSL->start_SSL().

I don't think this is really "fix", it's more plastering over the
problem.  As the message from OpenSSL says, specifying this means that
we're explicitly saying that we don't want to check the server
certificate which loses half of the security of SSL.

I'd rather leave this as it is (complete with the big scary error
message) and eventually fix it properly by letting the user specify the
ca_file or ca_path.  Perhaps we can even set a sensible default,
although I expect this needs to be platform-specific.
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