John Keeping wrote:
> I don't think this is really "fix", it's more plastering over the
> problem.

It defaulted to SSL_VERIFY_NONE before Net::SMTP::SSL was updated, and
the behavior hasn't changed now.  The new version simply asks us to be
explicit about SSL_VERIFY_NONE, so we are aware about it.

> I'd rather leave this as it is (complete with the big scary error
> message) and eventually fix it properly by letting the user specify the
> ca_file or ca_path.  Perhaps we can even set a sensible default,
> although I expect this needs to be platform-specific.

Nothing scary about it: it eats up real estate, and that is annoying.
I personally couldn't care less about ca_file, since all my emails are
to public mailing lists anyway.  Work on specifying a proper ca_file
as a follow-up, if you so desire.
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