Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:

> There's also syntax sharing. I don't think each command should have
> its own syntax. f-e-r already has %(objectsize). If we plan to have a
> common syntax, perhaps %(disk-size) should be %(objectsize:disk) or
> something. Adding formatting to cat-file --batch from scratch could be
> another big chunk of code (that also comes with bugs, usually) and may
> or may not be compatible with the common syntax because of some
> oversight. --batch-cols=... or --batch-disk-size would be simpler, but
> we might never be able to remove that code.

True, but cat-file being a low-level plumbing, I actually am not all
that convinced that it should even know the custom formatting.
Configurability and customizability may look always good, but that
is true only until one realizes that they come with associated cost.
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