Duy Nguyen wrote:
>  - We might overlook something. The best way to avoid missing is
> finish and verify it.
>  - A promise to do things later could happen really late, or never
> happens. As you are sastisfied with the functionality you have less
> motivation to clean the code. Meanwhile the maintainer takes extra
> maintenance cost.

I know.  You know what my counter-argument looks like already:

A promise to deliver a perfect series sometime in the future risks
never reaching that perfection, and stalling everyone else's work.
Even if we do manage to complete that perfect series, there is no
guarantee that we'll get sufficient reviewer-interest or traction for
merge.  You think people are more likely to look at a 50-part series
than a 15-part series?

Either way, I'm not interested in arguing: for now, I'll repost the
old 15-part series and try to get some reviews.  Start writing code,
and let's finish this thing.
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