Junio C Hamano wrote:
>     $ git describe $(git rev-parse v1.8.3)
>     v1.8.3
>     $ git describe --contains $(git rev-parse v1.8.3)
>     v1.8.3^0

This is a correct observation, and I've already submitted the correct
fix: "name-rev: strip trailing ^0 in when --name-only".

>     $ git describe --contains $(git rev-parse v1.8.3) a717d9e
>     v1.8.3^0
>     v1.8.3.1~9
> and these are internally consistent (they both roundtrip via
> rev-parse).  Stripping "^0" from the former will break the
> consistency, even though it may make the output look prettier, but
> the "--contains" output is not even meant to be "pretty" in the
> first place.

Incorrect.  The "--contains" output _is_ meant to be pretty.  That's
the whole reason name-rev --name-only was invented.

[2/4] is correct in that it fixes --stdin for annotated tags (although
the implementation could be simpler, and the commit message is
completely misleading).
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