Hi guys,

So commit 0433ad128c59 ("clone: run check_everything_connected") (which
turned up with v1.8.3) added a large traversal to clone which (as the
comment said) makes a clone much slower.  It is especially noticeable on
"git clone -s -l -n" which I use every day and used to be almost
instant.  Is there any thought to making it fast again, please?

The above clone is very useful for working with different branches in one
tree without touching every file in the main branch you are working
with (and consequent issues with rebuilding at least).  As linux-next
maintainer, you can imagine that I do this a bit.

I am sure one of Linus' points about branches was that being able to make
a fast local clone of a tree to use more than one branch was a feature.

Stephen Rothwell                    s...@canb.auug.org.au

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