Thomas Rast <> writes:

> If you define it that way, the output of
>   git blame -L 4,6; git blame -L /A/,+20
> is significantly different from
>   git blame -L 4,6 -L /A/,+20
> Not just in the presentation or any possible coalescing, but in the
> meaning of the ranges.
> Do you really want to make it that way?

Absolutely.  The primary reason I want to be able to specify two
ranges at the same time is to follow two functions in a file that
appear in separate places, and /A/ might not be unique.  When I want
to say "I want to see from here to there, and then from here to
there, and then from here to there", it would be very frustrating if
"and then" resets what I mean by "here" every time and make these
three evaluated independently.
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