Here's a re-roll of the cat-file --batch-disk-sizes series.

The main change is that it replaces the --batch-disk-sizes option with a
format string for --batch-check, syntactically modeled after the
for-each-ref format string.

  [01/10]: zero-initialize object_info structs
  [02/10]: teach sha1_object_info_extended a "disk_size" query

These two are the same as before.

  [03/10]: t1006: modernize output comparisons

New. Cleanup since I add some related tests later on.

  [04/10]: cat-file: teach --batch to stream blob objects

New. I think this is a sane thing to be doing, and it helps reorganize
the code for later changes. But note the performance caveat in the
commit message.

  [05/10]: cat-file: refactor --batch option parsing
  [06/10]: cat-file: add --batch-check=<format>

These ones add the formatting code.

  [07/10]: cat-file: add %(objectsize:disk) format atom

And this is the format analog of my original 3/4.

  [08/10]: cat-file: split --batch input lines on whitespace

New. This makes certain types of analysis simpler when you pipe
"rev-list --objects" into "cat-file --batch-check", because you can
retain the object paths through the pipe.

  [09/10]: pack-revindex: use unsigned to store number of objects

New. Addresses the 2^31 bug that Brandon noticed.

  [10/10]: pack-revindex: radix-sort the revindex

>From the old 4/4, but with cleanups and addressing comments from the
list (details along with the patch).

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