Jeff King wrote:
> +If `--batch` or `--batch-check` is given, `cat-file` will read objects
> +from stdin, one per line, and print information about them.
> +
> +You can specify the information shown for each object by using a custom
> +`<format>`. The `<format>` is copied literally to stdout for each
> +object, with placeholders of the form `%(atom)` expanded, followed by a
> +newline. The available atoms are:
> +
> +If no format is specified, the default format is `%(objectname)
> +%(objecttype) %(objectsize)`.
> +
> +If `--batch` is specified, the object information is followed by the
> +object contents (consisting of `%(objectsize)` bytes), followed by a
> +newline.

I find this slightly hideous, and would have expected an
%(objectcontents) or similar.

Perhaps --batch-check should become a non-configurable alias for
--batch="%(objectname) %(objecttype) %(objectsize)", and let --batch
default to the format "%(objectname) %(objecttype) %(objectsize)

I'm frankly okay with not having --pretty, and making the output in
the non-batch mode non-configurable (does anyone care?).
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