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Hi Cygwin and git developers,

Does following scenario show signs of bugs in Cygwin and/or git?

# setup git repo
$ cd /tmp
$ mkdir foo && cd foo
$ git init

# create x: directory
$ mkdir x:
$ ls

# create Windows X: drive, cygwin utils can work with both unix and dos style
# path names
$ mkdir c:/temp/bar
$ subst x: c:/temp/bar
$ touch x:/file.txt
$ ls x:/

# clean git tree from non-tracked files
$ git clean -d -x -f
Removing x:/

# observe results, git did rm -rf on the X drive instead of the local
# directory named x:
$ ls
$ file x\:
x:: directory
$ ls x:/
ls: cannot access x:/: No such file or directory
$ ls c:/temp/bar
ls: cannot access c:/temp/bar: No such file or directory
$ subst
X:\: => C:\temp\bar

In real life CMake created C: file in a build tree -- which is also a bug
but a separate one -- which resulted in obviously catastrophic results.

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