Stefan Beller <> writes:

> This is a regression test for a66e77eab70a08938fdc2227b7ada0f0465c6991

Sorry, I do not quite get this.

If you apply the patch on top of the said commit before that commit, the
new test does not pass.

But if you apply the patch on top of the said commit, the new test
still does not pass.

So I am having hard time guessing what you meant by "regression
test".  It is not "a66e77 broke something that ought to work, and
this shows the breakage".  It is not "a66e77 fixed something and
this shows the previous breakage that got fixed."

It may be because the test is depending on ShortName not to be
downcased incorrectly, which was to be fixed by a later commit.  But
after applying this on top of jc/mailmap-case-insensitivity topic,
the test does not pass (and reverting a66e77 does not seem to affect
the result, either).

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