On 07/13/2013 07:38 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Stefan Beller <stefanbel...@googlemail.com> writes:
>> This is a regression test for a66e77eab70a08938fdc2227b7ada0f0465c6991
> Sorry, I do not quite get this.
> If you apply the patch on top of the said commit before that commit, the
> new test does not pass.
> But if you apply the patch on top of the said commit, the new test
> still does not pass.
> So I am having hard time guessing what you meant by "regression
> test".  It is not "a66e77 broke something that ought to work, and
> this shows the breakage".  It is not "a66e77 fixed something and
> this shows the previous breakage that got fixed."
> It may be because the test is depending on ShortName not to be
> downcased incorrectly, which was to be fixed by a later commit.  But
> after applying this on top of jc/mailmap-case-insensitivity topic,
> the test does not pass (and reverting a66e77 does not seem to affect
> the result, either).

I am sorry for the bad wording, sorry for wasting your time.

This patch was meant to replace 134d1ac9be2ce97c60a7e9187c32980681811cb5
(current test, latest commit on mailmap-case-insensitivity)

Indeed the patch tests for both bugs unintentionally.
So both the one letter name is being used and the email
case sensitivity is checked.
So maybe I should redo it again and make 2 explicit test cases
for each of the fixes?

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