"Kyle J. McKay" <mack...@gmail.com> writes:

> On Jul 12, 2013, at 13:58, Aaron Schrab wrote:
> ...
> This should guarantee a match in the scenario Aaron proposes above and
> still has pretty much the same easy explanation to the user.
> Shall I go ahead and add that to the next patch version?
> Or proceed with what's there right now (there are a few pending
> updates from reviewers) and then, as Junio says above, adjust it later
> if needed?

I have been assuming that "strictly textual match" will be a subset
of the matching semantics Aaron and Peff suggested.  That is, if we
include your version in the upcoming release, the user writes the
http.<URLpattern>.<variable> configuration so that the entries match
what they want them to match, the enhanced URL matcher Aaron and
Peff suggested will still make them match.

Am I mistaken?  Will there be some <URLpattern> that will not match
with the same URL literally?

Assuming that Aaron and Peff's enhancement will not be a backward
incompatible update, my preference is to take the posted matching
semantics as-is (you may have some other changes that does not
change the "strictly textual match" semantics).

I do not have strong opinion but Aaron and Peff seem to know what
they are talking about, so they will be a better guide to work with
you and polish such enhancement on top of what you have now, as a
separate change that may need more time to mature.

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