On Jul 17, 2013, at 10:35, Junio C Hamano wrote:
"Kyle J. McKay" <mack...@gmail.com> writes:

perhaps it would be more convenient for you if I re-released the
following patch series:

If "These build on top of each other in this order", then it is
easier for me to manage if they were in a single series.

Yup. They build on one another so each requires the previous. Will keep them in a single series.

If f1ff763a (http.c: fix parsing of http.sslCertPasswordProtected
variable, 2013-07-12) is already solid and need no further tweaking,
it would be wise not to include the patch in any of your reroll in
any case.  Instead, just build your series on top of that commit,
and make it clear that the series is meant to apply on top of that
commit in the cover letter [0/n] of the series, or after "---" line
of the first patch [1/n] in the series.

Got it.  Will do.  f1ff763a looks solid to me:

Reviewed-by: Kyle J. McKay <mack...@gmail.com>

And earlier:

On Jul 12, 2013, at 12:05, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
Subject: Re: [PATCH] http.c: fix parsing of http.sslCertPasswordProtected variable

this change looks good.

Reviewed-by: Jonathan Nieder <jrnie...@gmail.com>

so I will drop it from any future series and just refer to it in the cover letter as you suggest.

As to allowing GIT_SSL_CERT_PASSWORD_PROTECTED=no, I agree that it
does not belong to the http.*.<var> configuration series

Agreed.  Will not include it in any future http.*.<var> series.

If the other patches have any textual dependency, you can
make it [1/n] of your series and we can treat it just like f1ff763a,
that is, make sure it is solid regardless of the rest of the series,
and make it advance before the remainder of the series, so that we
can still replace http.*.<var> implementation on top of these two

Got it.  Will do that and keep it in a single series.

Thanks for the direction,

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