Hello Git Developers,

        We recently have moved our project from Git to Perforce and those of us 
who prefer Git still are using Git p4 to stay in Git land.  One of the files in 
our repository was renamed while still in Git, but the rename only consisted of 
a case change of a character in the name.  Now, on an OS X box with a case 
insensitive file system (not sure if that matters), one of our guys cloned from 
perforce with Git p4 and used @all to get all history.  When this operation is 
finished, the file name is in its original state, not the newer renamed state.  
Perforce doesn't respect that file as being in the repository.  We noticed this 
after making a local Git commit and upon issuing a Git p4 submit, things go 
haywire with "file(s) not opened on this client" and nothing getting submitted.

Aaron Dwyer
Senior Software Architect
Imagination Technologies

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