aaron.dw...@imgtec.com wrote on Wed, 17 Jul 2013 22:11 +0000:
>       We recently have moved our project from Git to Perforce and those of us 
> who prefer Git still are using Git p4 to stay in Git land.  One of the files 
> in our repository was renamed while still in Git, but the rename only 
> consisted of a case change of a character in the name.  Now, on an OS X box 
> with a case insensitive file system (not sure if that matters), one of our 
> guys cloned from perforce with Git p4 and used @all to get all history.  When 
> this operation is finished, the file name is in its original state, not the 
> newer renamed state.

So original file "Foo", new file "foo", to make it concrete.

The "git p4 clone" command generates an internal .git/ history of
the entire p4 repository, before checking out any files in the
workspace.  It does this without touching the filesystem, so I
would expect it never to mangle case, even on OSX.

You should be able to verify this with:

    mkdir test1
    cd test1
    git init
    git p4 clone --bare --destination . //depot/proj@all

    git ls-tree HEAD

and see that "foo" is there, not "Foo".

Then check that the rename really did happen:

    git log --stat --summary --follow -- foo

should show a "rename Foo => foo" in there somewhere.

Does this all work?  I'd like to clear up this confusing part

>       Perforce doesn't respect that file as being in the repository.  We 
> noticed this after making a local Git commit and upon issuing a Git p4 
> submit, things go haywire with "file(s) not opened on this client" and 
> nothing getting submitted.

Yep, it's all bad from there-on, I'm sure.

I'm a bit out of my depth on case-insensitive file systems.  Do
check if the cloner in question has core.ignorecase config option

    git config --get core.ignorecase

                -- Pete
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