Eric Sunshine <> writes:

> This series fixes a regression in "blame -L X,-N", adds blame -L tests,
> and makes minor documentation adjustments. The tests, in particular,
> were motivated by the desire to revisit and continue working on [1]
> which extends git-blame to accept multiple -L's. That topic will need to
> extend blame -L tests, of which there were essentially none.
> Patches [2/6] (modernize style) and [3/6] (add blame -L tests) are
> intentionally independent of the "git log -L" topic (from earlier this
> year) to which the other patches are related.  This independence should
> allow these two patches to graduate at their own pace without being tied
> to "git log -L".
> [1]:
> Eric Sunshine (6):
>   line-range: fix "blame -L X,-N" regression
>   t8001/t8002 (blame): modernize style
>   t8001/t8002 (blame): add blame -L tests
>   t8001/t8002 (blame): add blame -L :funcname tests
>   blame-options.txt: place each -L option variation on its own line
>   blame-options.txt: explain that -L <start> and <end> are optional

Thanks, and except for the comment I just sent out,
Acked-by: Thomas Rast <>

In case it wasn't obvious to anyone else: the tests do actually verify
that the right lines were picked, by counting how often each author is

Thomas Rast
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