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 Documentation/technical/pack-protocol.txt | 66 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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diff --git a/Documentation/technical/pack-protocol.txt 
index c73b62f..a1672bc 100644
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@@ -551,3 +551,69 @@ An example client/server communication might look like 
    S: 0018ok refs/heads/debug\n
    S: 002ang refs/heads/master non-fast-forward\n
+Smart HTTP Transport
+Smart HTTP protocol is basically "git protocol on top of http". The
+base protocol is modified slightly to fit HTTP processing model: no
+bidirectional full-duplex connections, the program may read the
+request, write a response and must exit.
+Reference Discovery
+The server end always sends the list of references in both push and
+fetch cases. This ref list is retrieved by the client's sending HTTP
+GET request to a smart http url ending with
+"/info/refs?service=<service>" where <service> could be either
+git-upload-pack or git-receive-pack for fetching or pushing
+respectively. The output is in pkt-line format.
+  advertised-refs  =  service
+                     flush-pkt
+                     (no-refs / list-of-refs)
+                     flush-pkt
+  service          =  PKT-LINE("# service=" service-name)
+  service-name     =  ("git-upload-pack" / "git-receive-pack")
+  no-refs          =  PKT-LINE(zero-id SP "capabilities^{}"
+                     NUL capability-list LF)
+  list-of-refs     =  first-ref *other-ref
+  first-ref        =  PKT-LINE(obj-id SP refname
+                     NUL capability-list LF)
+  other-ref        =  PKT-LINE(other-tip / other-peeled)
+  other-tip        =  obj-id SP refname LF
+  other-peeled     =  obj-id SP refname "^{}" LF
+  capability-list  =  capability *(SP capability)
+  capability       =  1*(LC_ALPHA / DIGIT / "-" / "_")
+  LC_ALPHA         =  %x61-7A
+Packfile Negotiation
+For fetching, packet negotiation is via a series of HTTP POST requests
+to an url ending with "/git-upload-pack" with the content in pkt-line
+format. git-upload-pack's response consists of a "service" line like
+in Reference Discovery followed by normal git-upload-pack packet
+lines. Capability multi_ack_detailed is required by Smart HTTP.
+Common objects that are discovered are appended onto the request as
+have lines and are sent again on the next request. This allows the
+remote side to reinitialize its in-memory list of common objects
+during the next request and the remote does not need to maintain the
+negotiation state.
+Reference Update Request
+For pushing, a HTTP POST request is sent to an url ending with
+"/git-receive-pack" with the content in pkt-line format.
+git-receive-pack's response consists of a "service" line like in
+Reference Discovery followed by normal git-receive-pack packet lines.

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