On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 2:23 AM, Philip Oakley <philipoak...@iee.org> wrote:
> From: "Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy" <pclo...@gmail.com>
> Subject: [PATCH v2 15/16] config: add core.noshallow to prevent turning a
> repo into a shallow one
> Surely this should be the default now that it is possible to corrupt a
> golden repo by pushing/fetching a shallow repository to it and it then
> becomes shallow, and all the followers become shallow as well, with
> consequent problems (IIUC) [PATCH v2 05/16].
> It would be just as easy to change the config to core.allowshallow which
> then must be enabled by the user, and can be mentioned in the shallow clone
> option's documentation.

Clarification, it's not really "corrupt". If you have full history
from a ref "A", fetching from another shallow clone does not touch the
history of ref A at all (that is if you do _not_ specify --depth). It
may add a a shallow ref B, which is the reason the whole repo becomes
shallow. The same goes for push. This is not implemented, but I'm
thinking of adding "clean .git/shallow" to git repack -ad. Then if you
delete ref B and repack -ad, the repo could become full again.

But yeah, maybe defaulting to no shallow is better. Will do so in the
reroll unless someone objects.
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