Ramsay Jones <ram...@ramsay1.demon.co.uk> writes:

> Mark Levedahl wrote:
>> The supported Cygwin distribution on supported Windows versions provides
>> complete support for POSIX filemodes, so enable this by default.
>> ...
>> Historical notes: Cygwin version 1.7 supports Windows-XP and newer, thus 
>> dropped support for all OS variants that lack NTFS and/or ...
>> ...  Thus, POSIX filemode support 
>> could not be expected by default on a Cygwin 1.5 installation, but is 
>> expected by default on a 1.7 installation.
> Again, I have to ask; should you not "revert" commit c869753e ("Force 
> core.filemode
> to false on Cygwin.", 30-12-2006)?  After this commit, there is no longer any 
> user
> of the NO_TRUSTABLE_FILEMODE build variable, and no real prospect of anyone 
> else
> wanting to use it.

Thanks for raising this point.

Reading c869753e once again:

    The issue is that Cygwin and NTFS correctly supports the
    executable mode bit, and Git properly detected that, but most
    native Windows applications tend to create files such that
    Cygwin sees the executable bit set when it probably shouldn't

In other words, the reason why "NO_TRUSTABLE_FILEMODE" was added was
not because the Cygwin did not give us reliable filemodes.  It was
because tools outside the control of Git and/or Cygwin that users
use tend to misbehave, even when the working tree is on a filesystem
on which Cygwin can give us trustable filemodes.

So "1.7 always supports core.filemodes correctly because it no
longer works on filesystems without trustable filemodes" is not a
valid reason to justify Mark's change.

There are only three possible ways going forward, I think:

 (A) Drop Mark's patch, and do nothing else, because breakages of
     other people's programs are not fixed by Cygwin 1.7's improved
     filesystem support, and users still use those mode breaking
     programs written by others;

 (B) Drop Mark's patch, and revert c869753e, because it is not the
     business of our project to sweep breakages of other people's
     tools under the rug by crippling our software; or

 (C) Drop NO_TRUSTABLE_FILEMODE for _all_ versions of Cygwin,
     declaring that the spirit of c869753e to work around bugs in
     other people's software by crippling Git is justified, but that
     it is no longer necessary on Cygwin because people do not use
     such misbehaving third-party tools anymore.

These three each rely on its own precondition; I suspect it is
likely that (A)'s is the most accurate description of the real world.
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