Yamada Saburo <devil.tamac...@gmail.com> writes:

> -#: git-gui.sh:2893
> +#: git-gui.sh:2983 git-gui.sh:3115
> +msgid "Usage"
> +msgstr "使用状況"

Is this correct?  I am not familiar with the context this string
appears, but shouldn't it be "使い方"?

> -#: lib/choose_repository.tcl:479
> +#: lib/choose_repository.tcl:480
>  msgid "Source Location:"
>  msgstr "ソースの位置"
> -#: lib/choose_repository.tcl:490
> +#: lib/choose_repository.tcl:489
>  msgid "Target Directory:"
> -msgstr "先ディレクトリ:"
> +msgstr "保存ディレクトリ:"

I think this is better translation than the original (the Target is
about where the new clone appears), but a few lines above we see
"Source Location", which may want to be reworded.  Perhaps



> -#: lib/commit.tcl:272
> +#: lib/commit.tcl:269
> +msgid ""
> +"You are about to commit on a detached head. This is a potentially dangerous 
> "
> +"thing to do because if you switch to another branch you will lose your "
> +"changes and it can be difficult to retrieve them later from the reflog. You 
> "
> +"should probably cancel this commit and create a new branch to continue.\n"
> +" \n"
> +" Do you really want to proceed with your Commit?"
> +msgstr ""
> +"あなたはdetached "
> +"head状態でコミットしようとしています。これは危険な操作です。もし続行すれば、他ブランチへ切り替えた際に変更を失ったり、reflogで変更を復元することが困難になります。あなたは次の操作をするべきです。1.
> "

The line wrapping of this look somewhat fishy.  It technically is
correct, but ending the line with an explicit \n and closing dq,

        "あなたはdetached head状態...べきです。\n"

would be more natural and less error prone.

Also, the original says "potentially dangerous", but "potentially"
is lost in translation.  I am not sure if the difference matters
very much, but since I noticed it....

> +"このコミットをキャンセルする。2. 新しいブランチを作り、コミットし直す。\n"

Also, the original doesn't say "1. cancel this commit. 2. Create a
new branch to recommit", and it is better without 1./2., which may
be mistaken as if the user can do one of two things.

> +"\n"
> +"本当にこの危険なコミットを実行しますか?"

The last sentence in the original only says "your Commit", without
saying "Dangerous".

In short, the translated text is far more alarming than the original

> -#: lib/option.tcl:132
> +#: lib/option.tcl:134
>  msgid "Global (All Repositories)"
> -msgstr "大域(全てのリポジトリ)"
> +msgstr "標準設定(全てのリポジトリ)"

The translation reads "Standard", not "Global".  「全体設定」, perhaps?

> -#: lib/option.tcl:142
> +#: lib/option.tcl:144
>  msgid "Merge Verbosity"
> -msgstr "マージの冗長度"
> +msgstr "マージのエラー出力レベル (0-5, 標準2、最高5)(merge.verbosity)"

The original does not have 0-5, 2, nor 5.  Translation shouldn't add

If it will help the users to add these, please first add them to the
original so that users of all languages would benefit and then
translate the result.

> -#: lib/option.tcl:143
> +#: lib/option.tcl:145
>  msgid "Show Diffstat After Merge"
> -msgstr "マージ後に diffstat を表示"
> +msgstr "マージ後に変更量のグラフを表示 (git diff --stat)"


> -#: lib/option.tcl:150
> +#: lib/option.tcl:153
>  msgid "Minimum Letters To Blame Copy On"
> -msgstr "コピーを検知する最少文字数"
> +msgstr "他ファイルから移動/コピーを検知する最少文字数 (標準値40)"


Pat, this patch is not quite ready.

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