On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 12:01:26PM -0700, Kyle J. McKay wrote:

> Right now, the values are only available as various strings, ints,
> longs etc. which have to be formatted differently for output.  The
> original string value they were converted from is gone.  The snippet
> shown above only shows some of the "%s" formatters.
> Either the original value will have to be kept around or a
> reconstituted string depending on what:
> git config --file=foo --url http noepsv $URL
> should output.  If the original value was 0 or 1, should it output
> that or "false" or "true"?  The test-url-normalize code for "-c"
> normalizes the output to "false" or "true" for all boolean values and
> reconverts ints/longs to strings.

I think it would be the responsibility of the caller to specify what
they are looking for. I.e., add "--bool" to the git-config command line
as appropriate.

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