Duy Nguyen wrote:
> 044bbbc (Make git_dir a path relative to work_tree in
> setup_work_tree() - 2008-06-19)

Okay, so it does seem to be a significant optimization.  Frankly,
e02ca72 only improves the relative_path() algorithm, and it's not
really doing anything Wrong: it's has just uncovered a previously
undiscovered bug.

So far, we know that the line:

  s->fp = fopen(git_path(commit_editmsg), "w");

in commit.c:prepare_to_commit() isn't failing; so, the work_tree and
git_dir do seem to be set correctly. The problem seems to be in
launch_editor().  What's worse? Everything works just fine when I have
a symbolic link to a directory in a normal repository; I still can't
figure out what submodules have to do with any of this.

What the hell is going on?!
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