Jiang Xin wrote:
> I change the EDITOR(GIT_EDITOR) environment in your test script
> as follows:
>     GIT_EDITOR="echo PWD: $(pwd); echo REALPATH: $(pwd -P); echo" \
>     git commit --amend

See, what stumps be about this is the no-submodule case:


  cd /tmp
  rm -rf clayoven lib
  $mygit clone https://github.com/artagnon/clayoven
  ln -s clayoven/lib
  cd lib/clayoven
  EDITOR="echo PWD: $(pwd); echo REALPATH: $(pwd -P); echo" \
  git commit --amend
  # buffer-file-name = "/tmp/.git/modules/.elisp/flx/COMMIT_EDITMSG"

>From the point of view of $EDITOR, how is this different?  Yet, when
you change EDITOR to "emacs -Q", it works fine.
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