Junio C Hamano wrote:
> That's a bit strange---the patch text looks like the "how about
> this" patch Duy posted earlier.  Shouldn't it be From: Duy with
> S-o-b: by two of you instead?

Feel free to amend as you see fit, as always.

> For editors that are not broken, this could be an annoying
> regression, isn't it?  When the user asks "What is the path of the
> file I am editing?" to the editor (i.e. an equivalent of \C-x\C-b),
> the updated code will start spewing a long full-path from the root
> directory, while we used to give a relative path that is short,
> sweet and more in line with the context of user's work.

Does it matter for COMMIT_EDITMSG or other files in $GITDIR?  If
you're concerned about it, we can change the logic to: real_path() if
path-is-relative to avoid mangling the path in the non-submodules
case; in the submodules case, it will use an absolute-path, as before.
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