Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:

> The idea is the same, but my patch is a bit different (use of realpath
> instead of real_path, I didn't remember git has real_path). I'm fine
> with Ram being the author.

Thanks, both of you, for clarification.

>> Compared to not being able to edit, it may be a small price to pay
>> for those who do need to suffer the broken editor, but the patch
>> makes those who do not need this workaround to pay the price.
> Does looking at the edited file's path happen often? I have never done
> that before. I ask because in order to avoid the price for those
> users, the code could get a little bit more complicated (detecting if
> the given relative path traverse backward outside a symlink..). To me
> it seems like a good trade off in favor of simpler code.

Yeah, I was being my usual cautious self, as somebody has to play
that role.  I think the code as-is would be an OK trade off.
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