"Kyle J. McKay" <mack...@gmail.com> writes:

> And now all the t5200-url-normalize tests pass again.
> FYI, I couldn't get the patches to apply against next or pu without
> some minor tweaks that were just conflict resolutions having to do
> with git_config_with_options changing its signature.


I built these five patches directly on top of your series, i.e. on
top of cea9928d (docs: update http.<url>.* options documentation,

I'll rebuild the series with your fixes and I may even queue it to
'pu', but with some random thoughts:

 * "url-match.[ch]" are ugly names.  I'd be happier with

 * In the end result, http_options() looks mostly identical to that
   of the 'master', but it got an extra "void *matched", only to
   support "git config --get-urlmatch".  I however do not have to,
   if I do a few things:

   - Instead of implementing urlmatch_config_item that extends
     urlmatch_item, have a separate string_list, keyed by the
     variable names, and point the string_list with the generic cb
     pointer I already have in urlmatch_config.  The fn() on the
     "git config" side has to index this second string_list with the
     variable and keep track of the value from the best candidate we
     have seen so far.

   - The above allows us to lose item_alloc and item_clear callback
     functions from urlmatch_config, as we will not be doing the
     structure inheritance to extend urlmatch_item.

   - We still need cascade_fn callback, though.

 * With the above, http_options() does not have to change in the
   series.  We could restructure the series perhaps this way:

   - http.sslCertPasswordProtected parsing fix.

   - Add urlmatch.[ch], which would be your "config: improve support
     for http.<url>.* settings" and yesterday's "url-match: split
     out URL matching logic out of http.c", and a half of
     "url-match: generalize configuration collection logic".

   - Update http.c to use urlmatch.[ch] to make http.c match the
     result of the endgame patch [5/3], and add necessary end user
     documentation to Documentation/config.txt.

   - Add test-url-normalize and t/t5200

   - Update builtin/config.c for "--get-urlmatch", to make
     builtin/config.c match the result of the endgame patch [5/3],
     add end user documentation to Documentation/git-config.txt.

   - Add some tests for "git config --get-urlmatch".

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