Junio C Hamano wrote:
> So here is a bit of refactoring to extract the logic to find the
> entry $section.<urlpattern>.$key from the configuration that best
> matches the given $url to answer "what value $section.$key should be
> for $url?" out of http.c (primarily because we never want to link
> "git cofnig" with the cURL library), and use it from "git config" to
> implement Peff's idea to extend "git config".
> The first step is a pure code movement, plus some renaming of the
> functions.
> The second step is to factor out the code to handle --bool, --int, etc.
> as a helper so that the new codepath can use it.
> The last step currently duplicates the logic in http_options(), but
> we might want to refactor it further so that the two functions can
> share more code.  We hopefully can get rid of test-url-normalize and
> instead use "git config --get-urlmatch" in the tests that protect
> the http.<url>.config topic.

I haven't been following this topic too closely and I don't have any
feel for how long it will take to get to the end-game. However, unless
the removal of test-url-normalize is coming soon, could I request that
you apply my patch (or squash it into this series)? At present, I have
to apply the patch before building the next and pu branches; OK it's not
too onerous, but still ... :-P

Ramsay Jones

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