On Fri, Aug 2, 2013 at 8:27 AM, Joey Hess <j...@kitenet.net> wrote:
> Jeff King wrote:
>> By the way, Joey, I am not sure how safe "git cat-file --batch-check" is
>> for arbitrary filenames. In particular, I don't know how it would react
>> to a filename with an embedded newline (and I do not think it will undo
>> quoting). Certainly that does not excuse this regression; even if what
>> you are doing is not 100% reliable, it is good enough in sane situations
>> and we should not be breaking it. But you may want to double-check the
>> behavior of your scripts in such a case, and we may need to add a "-z"
>> to support it reliably.
> Yes, I would prefer to have a -z mode. I think my code otherwise handles
> newlines.
> Thanks for the quick fix. I agree that only enabling the behavior with
> %{rest} makes sense.
> --
> see shy jo

/methinks we've identified a gap in our test coverage.  Care to add a
test that covers the functionality that git-annex depends on?

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