Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> * tr/log-full-diff-keep-true-parents (2013-08-01) 1 commit
>  - log: use true parents for diff even when rewriting
>  Output from "git log --full-diff -- <pathspec>" looked strange,
>  because comparison was done with the previous ancestor that touched
>  the specified <pathspec>, causing the patches for paths outside the
>  pathspec to show more than the single commit has changed.
>  I am not sure if that is necessarily a problem, though.  Output
>  from "git log --full-diff -2 -- <pathspec>" without this change
>  will be applicable to some codebase, but after this change that
>  will no longer be true (you will get only tiny parts of the change
>  that were made by the two commits in question, while missing all
>  the other changes).

Hmm.  Uwe's original complaint was that --stat -- as in "what other
things are touched when we modify foo" -- is nonsensical.

In addition, applying what you describe above would be a very strange
form of rebase: one that squashes everything into the commits that
affect the given files.  When would it ever make sense to do such
squashing?  After all, you'd lose all the commit splits&messages in

If you care about it, I can introduce a new flag that lets the user
pick; it's pretty trivial.  But it seems very strange to me.

Thomas Rast
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