Thomas Rast <> writes:

>> So while I do understand why sometimes you wish to see full diff 
>> "git log --full-diff -- <pathspec>" to match output from "git show"
>> without pathspec, I am not sure doing it unconditionally and by
>> default like your patch does is the best way to go.
> I'm utterly unconvinced.

I was waiting you to say "I'm positively convinced that showing
local diff with the true parent is right!"; the reason why I planted
that seed in "What's cooking" to discuss this was because I needed
to play devil's advocate to make sure that all of us know that this
change is a good one, and that we know we agree that this change is
a good one, as the change is large insemantics, and the bookkeeping
burden is not negligible.  I suspect that we may want to restrict
the copying of the true parents only to limited cases (e.g. when
"--full-diff" is given), but I think that can be done on top, as it
is only the performance thing, not correctness.

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