Eric Sunshine <> writes:

> While working on multiple -L support for git-blame, I encountered more
> issues with the existing -L facility in git-blame and git-log. This
> series fixes these problems and adds a slew of new tests.
> Patch 6/11 (t4211: retire soon-to-be unimplementable tests) may be
> controversial. Removal of these tests was effectively a decision made in
> isolation since my request for input [1] regarding the issue generated
> only a single response (from j6t).

I agree with that decision.  It's better to not leave any user-facing
quirks just for internal's sake.

The right thing would be to either expose enough of the range_set api
through a test-range-set command, or just write all the tests in C.
Both seem a bit excessive since the API doesn't have any users outside
of log -L, which probably approaches "reasonable quality" now that you
shaked it down quite a bit.

As for the series, my tuits don't go further than a cursory read today,
but from that it seems good.

Thomas Rast
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