Eric Sunshine <> writes:

>> The problem exists with and without the incomplete line. The comment
>> mentioning "incomplete line" and "wc" was inserted to explain why it
>> was necessary to add one to the result of wc, which might not
>> otherwise be obvious.
> Would the comment be clearer if phrased like this?
>   # We want to test -LX where X is the last line of the file, so we need
>   # to compute the number of lines in the file, which normally would be
>   # done via 'wc -l'.  In this case, however, the last line of 'file' is
>   # incomplete, so 'wc' reports one fewer than the actual line count. To
>   # adjust for this anomaly, we must add one to the result of 'wc'.

If the patch picked a place where the test vector does not have to
involve a file that ends with an incomplete line, the test would not
have had to do anything tricky that required such a comment to
explain why it is doing something mysterious.

Such a change would be much cleaner and may be worth the effort, but
I do not think just rewording the comment is worth the bother.

I didn't see if there is such a place in the existing test sequence,
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