Am 03.08.2013 20:14, schrieb Jonathan Nieder:
> brian m. carlson wrote:
>> cmd_summary reads the output of git diff, but reads in the submodule
>> path into a variable called name.  Since this variable does not
>> contain the name of the submodule, but the path, rename it to be
>> clearer what data it actually holds.
> Nice.

I totally agree. Paths and names of submodules are often confused
(especially as they are identical for a submodule that was never
moved), so cleaning up our sources so they use the correct term is
The Right Thing.

But we'll have to use sm_path here (like everywhere else in the
submodule script), because we'll run into problems under Windows
otherwise (see 64394e3ae9 for details). Apart from that the patch
is fine.
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