On Sun, Aug 04, 2013 at 08:24:09PM +0200, Jens Lehmann wrote:
> I'm a bit confused. The commit message talks about "git status", but the code
> you changed handles "git submodule summary". Looks like you are trying to fix
> the output of status when the status.submodulesummary option is set, right?
> That's a good thing to do.
> But your patch also changes the default behavior of "git submodule summary",
> which is a change in behavior as that is currently not configurable via the
> ignore option (and I believe it should stay that way for backward 
> compatibility
> reasons unless actual users provide sound reasons to change that). So a NACK
> on this patch from me (and a note to self that tests are missing that should
> have failed due to this change).

Right, that wasn't the intent.

> As a short term solution you could honor the submodule.<name>.ignore setting
> only if --for-status is used, as that is explicitly given by "git status" when
> it forks the "git submodule summary" script (to make it prepend "# " to each
> line, which it could do easily itself nowadays using recently added code ;-).

I think I'm going to go this route.  My goal is to fix up the TODO tests
and make them work so I can get more familiar with the code.

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