Hi Stefan,

On Thu, 8 Aug 2013, Stefan Beller wrote:

> The condition before the changed line dereferences 'one' to query the mode,
> so if the condition evaluates to true, the variable one must not be null.

To show this better, please use -U10 (or some other appropriate context
option) in the future.

> Therefore we do not need the ternary operator depending on one, giving
> either one->path or two->path. This always evaluates to one->path, so we
> can remove the ternary operator.
> The condition and the usage of the ternary operator have been introduced
> by the same commit (752c0c24, 2009-10-19, Add the --submodule option to
> the diff option family). As that commit message refers to a GitTogether
> I'd assume that patch was crafted in a hurry, so maybe overlooking the
> need for a ternary operator there.

If this is my code, I do not need a GitTogether to excuse my sloppiness.
In this particular case, I imagine the appropriate fix is to test for
one->path instead of removing the conditional, though.

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