From: "Stephen Haberman" <>
Hi Johannes,

This should probably be added to config.txt and
Documentation/git-pull.txt, too, right?

Yep, I meant to note that I'd do that after getting an initial
confirmation that the pull.preserve-merges was the preferred approach.

(I was being lazy and didn't want to write up docs only to switch to
overloading pull.rebase or what not.)

But I'll go ahead and do that.


Feel free to play with it if you want!

I'll poke around out of curiosity, but no promises, as, yes, this is a
tricky bit of functionality that can quickly lead to a lot of lost
sleep. :-)

- Stephen

Johannes also kindly explained his merging-rebase script to me on the msysgit list a few days ago!topic/msysgit/LiPa2T_K4C4 which shows how msysgit and git both keep parallel lines of development with fast forwarding and rebasing at the same time.

The technique should also help those case for keeping private/independent lines of development that are discussed often.


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