Stephen Haberman <> writes:

> Hi Johannes,
>> This should probably be added to config.txt and
>> Documentation/git-pull.txt, too, right?
> Yep, I meant to note that I'd do that after getting an initial
> confirmation that the pull.preserve-merges was the preferred approach.

If you were to go that route, no dashes in the last component of
configuration variable names, please.

> (I was being lazy and didn't want to write up docs only to switch to
> overloading pull.rebase or what not.)

I think we have a recent update that allows you to say

                rebase = false

to mean "I want 'git pull' to use merge".  Currently the other
choice is:

                rebase = true

to say "I want to run 'git pull --rebase'".  I do not think it is
unreasonable to extend it further so that

                rebase = preserve

is understood.
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