Junio C Hamano  wrote in message
> The "tutorial" was written in fairly early days of Git's history, in
> order to primarily help those who want to use the plumbing command
> to script their own Porcelain commands.  As it says at the very
> beginning, the end-user tutorial to use Git's Porcelain is
> gittutorial.txt and the user manual, not this document.

Yes, and even if it's old, it is a really well done tutorial to understand the
internals of git. I read it after gittutorial and gittutorial-2. It's just
that I was surprised to learn about this command, "much more powerful" than
git-log. To me it looked a lot like git log --raw, and I found git log -p
more useful, so I was wondering what I was missing until I read the source
to see that nowadays the two commands were mostly the same.

> The above section primarily explains the use of diff-tree and it was
> appropriate back when git-whatchanged was a script.  The intent of
> the whole document, not just this section, was to tickle the
> curiousity of the users and encourage them to see how the above
> "much more powerful" whatchanged was implemented by going to the
> source.

Well in this case you can say that the intent was successful since it made
me read the source code ;)

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