Matthieu Moy  wrote in message <>:
>> that confuses users.
> ... but I do agree that the doc is really confusing. It would be much
> better if the doc could be reduced to:
> "This is a synonym for linkgit:git-log[1] --raw --some --other ---options.
> Please refer to the documentation of that command."

If I may chime in as a user: what really confused me about git whatchanged
is this part of man gitcore-tutorial:

       To see the whole history of our pitiful little git-tutorial project,
       you can do

           $ git log

       which shows just the log messages, or if we want to see the log
       together with the associated patches use the more complex (and much
       more powerful)

           $ git whatchanged -p

       and you will see exactly what has changed in the repository over its
       short history.

I had to go look at the source code to realize that nowadays git log and
git whatchanged are basically the same functions with different defaults. A
pointer to that in the man page of git whatchanged would definitively be

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