Jonathan Nieder dixit:

>Can you say a little more about your setup?  In a university
>environment with sysadmin-managed email and /etc/mailname set up
>correctly it is handy that people can start working without doing

Ah okay. We don’t have /etc/mailname set up I think and,
additionally, the Unix user name doesn’t match the eMail
localpart, so that won’t work anyway.

Though we’re having a very heterogenous desktop environment
nowadays so I can’t really know all specifics.

At least, I think, most devs seem to use the Unix git client
now, whereas for svn they use the one that comes with Eclipse…

>I wonder if it's too gentle and long to get the point across.  Would
>something the following (including the guesses in the message for
>easier copy-pasting) help?

Definitely not. It needs to fail hard if is not set,
i.e. refuse to accept the commit.

>is set and not set.  Git already notices the cases where the guessed
>email address ends with ".(none)" and errors out, and it could make
>sense to be more aggressive.

The guessed addresses are like ''
instead of '' which is the correct Kolab address
(this information can be publicly accessed since the project I
noticed it in is on our public FusionForge instance, so I don’t
think sharing specifics is bad here, but please don’t hammer our
poor trainee with spam now). So they’re a “correct” unix username
at a correct FQDN (which, thanks to split-horizon, even would
work internally, except there’s of course no MTA set up) and
won’t be caught by *.(none) matches.

Hope this helps.

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