Jeff King <> writes:

> Yeah, there are basically three levels of ident:
>   1. The user told us explicitly (e.g., $EMAIL, Trust it.
>   2. We guessed and it looks reasonable (e.g., hostname is FQDN). Warn
>      but use it.
>   3. It looks obviously bogus (e.g., we do not have a domain name).
>      Reject it.
> We can move some cases from (2) down to (3), like ...

Judging from Thorsten's earlier response, I am afraid no amount of
autodetection would help the users of that site.  If we were to do
something, /etc/gitconfig as you outlined below would be the way to
go, even though it makes me feel dirty.

> Another option could to add an option to control the strictness. We
> usually have a chicken-and-egg problem here with individual installs
> (i.e., any person who could set "user.trustHostname = false" could just
> as easily have set ""). But in an institutional setting, the
> admin could set such a config in /etc/gitconfig for everybody. Or for a
> system like Debian, the packager could include the option, knowing that
> any reasonably configured system should have /etc/mailname set up (which
> is not something we can necessarily count on for other operating
> systems).
> -Peff
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