Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

>> +# The 2 following authors are probably the same person,
>> +# but both emails bounce.
>>  Nanako Shiraishi <>
>>  Nanako Shiraishi <>
> I don't know how to contact Nanako these days. :(  Maybe mailmap
> should learn a way to say "there's no current public email address for
> this person".

I don't, either, but these two entries describe the same person.

One option that I didn't give other old-and-now-left-the-project
contributors in my previous message (but I should have) is to let
them say: I left the project, you can use my existing contributions,
but I prefer you not to list my current address in your address

The reason I didn't but I think I should have is because mailmap is
not meant to record the current address to be used to contact the
person.  Its primary purpose is to make sure we group contributions
by the same person under a single name.  So in that sense, it is OK
if they choose to give us the address they used the last time they
contributed, even that address no longer works.

I'd suggest using the lavabit address unless we hear the preferred
address from her, as the lavabit address was used in 5bf46841
(git-gui: update Japanese translation, 2010-02-02), while the last
use of the bluebottle address was in 6762079a (Cloning from a repo
without "current branch", 2007-06-16).
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