Stefan Beller <> writes:

>> +# The 2 following authors are probably the same person,
>> +# but both emails bounce.
> You seemed to be sure about Nanako Shiraishi for example, 
> but here you're uncertain, whether he is one person 
> or 2 persons having the same name? 

Nanako did 70+ patches, and was on many discussion threads, which
made me feel that I was corresponding with the same person across
address change.  I however cannot recall this contributor with just
3 patches whose last contribution was in 2007.

But more importantly, this leftover "unreachable" comment I did not
notice before sending the patch out---I did not send any "please
ping back" message to any suspected current address for this

> So in case you'd know he is one person with just different emails, maybe
> we could write 
> +Jason McMullan <> <>
> as it doesn't matter which email comes first (both bounce anyway).

The last contribution was from address in late 2007 (the
other address sent two patches in 2005), so I'd suggest making the
netapp address the canonical one.  If we cannot reach him, that is.
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