David Jeske <dav...@gmail.com> writes:

>> When you do "git commit --amend",
>> the current commit will become dangling (in the sense that it's not
>> referred by any ref, but the commit exists) and those are just noise
>> in my opinion.
> This is *exactly* my point.
> There is no way to distinguish a commit which was accidentally and
> implicitly dangled due to checkout or submodule update on a detached
> head, from all those other intentionally dangling refs which were
> explicitly handled with merge, rebase, amend.

I do not follow.  Just like "commit --amend", checking out another
branch to leave a detached HEAD _is_ an explicit way to discard what
you started experimenting behind, declaring it useless.  Otherwise
you would have saved it to some named branch.

This of course assumes that, as you said in one of your earlier
messages, the user knows what he is doing, though.
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